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Joint Pain

What is Joint Pain?

Pain in the joints is a very common symptom often experienced in the feet, hips, spine, knees, or hands. In addition to pain, joint stiffness, as well as a burning or throbbing sensation in or near the joints, are also commonly associated with joint-related issues. It is important to note that in many cases the pain or burning sensation may not be constant but can increase or decrease depending on activity.

What causes joint pain?

A variety of conditions, as well as injuries, can cause joint pain to form. Arthritis and over-use of a joint are common risk factors that increase the chance of developing joint pain. Age is also a factor with the risk increasing more the older the joints get. Additionally, some infections or diseases such as gout can cause joint pain to develop.

What should I do if I have joint pain?

Joint pain experienced in the knee is a common symptom

If you are experiencing joint pain that does not subside over time, you may wish to see a licensed physician such as those who work here at Total Spine. Typically, a physical exam is the first step in identifying possible joint-related issues. After the exam, the doctor may order additional imaging such as an MRI or a CT-Scan to better understand what could be causing your pain.

What are the different kinds of joint pain?

While joint pain can occur at any joint in the body, it is most commonly seen in the neck, hip, elbow jaw, fingers, wrists, knee, ankles, and feet.

What are the treatment options for joint pain?

Depending on the severity of the pain, many non-surgical options exist for treating joint pain. Injections and pain management have proven effective in many cases for reducing or eliminating joint pain and allowing you to get back to living life. In some cases, surgery such as a joint replacement or arthroscopy may be required to restore the joint to working normally without pain.

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