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Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder replacement surgery, also known as shoulder arthroplasty is a procedure used to relieve pain and improve function in individuals with severe shoulder joint arthritis or a shoulder joint injury. The surgery involves replacing the damaged parts of the shoulder joint with artificial components, typically made of metal and plastic.

Symptoms that can be treated by shoulder replacement surgery include:

Man with severe shoulder pain preparing for shoulder replacement surgery
Severe shoulder pain may be an indication for shoulder replacement surgery
  • Shoulder arthritis - A common condition that occurs when the cartilage in the shoulder joint wears down over time. This can lead to pain, stiffness, and limited range of motion in the shoulder.
  • Rotator cuff tears - Injuries or tears to the rotator cuff can occasionally require more intensive surgery such as shoulder replacement surgery to fully treat
  • Fractures - Bone fractures in the shoulder may require shoulder replacement if they cannot be treated by other less invasive procedures

For many of these symptoms, non-surgical treatments such as physical therapy, medication, and corticosteroid injections may be effective in providing relief. However, in more severe cases, shoulder arthroplasty may be necessary to relieve pain and improve function.

During the procedure, the surgeon will make an incision in the shoulder and remove the damaged bone and cartilage. The artificial components are then inserted into the joint and secured in place. The incision is then closed and the shoulder is typically placed in a sling for several weeks to allow for healing.

Recovery after shoulder arthroplasty can vary depending on the individual and the extent of the surgery. Physical therapy is typically recommended to help regain strength and range of motion in the shoulder. Most individuals can return to normal activities within several months, but it may take up to a year for the shoulder to fully heal and for full function to be restored.

While shoulder arthroplasty can be highly effective in relieving pain and improving function, it is not without risks. Potential complications can include infection, bleeding, blood clots, and nerve damage. You can minimize these risks by visiting a highly experienced orthopedic surgeon such as the team at Total Spine.

It's important to discuss the potential treatment options for shoulder pain and other symptoms with your physician and weigh the potential risks and benefits, as well as the recovery time and expectations before deciding to undergo the surgery. Our team of physicians are highly experienced and can help guide you on the right path toward effective, long-lasting treatment. Schedule an appointment today using the form on this page or by calling our patient advocate team at (321) 499-4646

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