Facet Thermal Ablation

What is a minimally invasive facet thermal ablation procedure?

Our minimally invasive facet thermal ablation procedure is aimed to treat arthritis in the spine. Your spine has a series of facet joints on the outside of your spinal cord that lay closest to your skin. These facet joints allow the spine to bend and move in a full range of motion. When you have facet arthritis, that means you have arthritis in the joints that allow your spine to move comfortably. Often, this can result in pain, stiffness and loss of motion.

Our facet thermal ablation procedure uses a laser to eliminate the arthritis in the facet joints of the spine. Our surgeons create a small incision at the site of your facet arthritis. They then use a laser to deaden the nerves that are being compressed by the arthritis in your joints. The minimally invasive techniques used in this procedure allow our surgeons to treat your spine condition without affecting the surrounding muscles and nerves, thus resulting in a shorter recovery time.

What is the purpose of a facet thermal ablation?

Patients who endure chronic pain and limited mobility in the neck and back due to arthritis in the spine may experience pain relief with our minimally invasive facet thermal ablation procedure. The procedure is designed to target the source of your pain without disturbing surrounding muscles or nerves.

A facet thermal ablation can be used to treat symptoms related to spinal arthritis

At Total Spine & Orthopedics, we have helped patients for years find relief from chronic neck and back pain. We understand the frustration you are experiencing from your loss of movement and the limitation of daily activities. With our minimally invasive spine surgery, we can help you experience life to its fullest potential again. There is a reason why we are the leader in minimally invasive spine surgery.

What symptoms can be relieved with a facet thermal ablation?

Symptoms associated with arthritis of the spine (facet joints) can vary from person to person based on the individual and the intensity of the condition. The most common symptoms of this spine condition include:

  • Acute pain — Facet arthritis may cause localized pain in the neck or lower back where the joints are affected. The pain can be random and intermittent, ranging from almost constant to just a few times a month.
  • Persistent tenderness or pain — One of the most common symptoms of facet arthritis is a continual tenderness at the site of the arthritis.
  • Limited movement and flexibility — Often arthritis in the facet joints will cause limited movement and stiffness in the spine. You might experience more pain bending backward than forward.
  • Radiating pain — You may experience pain in your buttock and leg if your facet arthritis is in your lower spine. Likewise, if the facet arthritis is in your cervical (neck) spine, you may experience radiating pain in your shoulder and arm.

Our focus at Total Spine & Orthopedics is centered on our patients and what is best for their needs. If you have any questions about our facet thermal ablation procedure or any of our other minimally invasive spine procedures, we invite you to contact one of our Patient Care Advocates to learn more about us or how we may be able to help you.

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